Strong arms for women

RJ Pruitt

How to get stronger arms for women

Resistance training, when your goal is more muscular armsfor women, can not only improve upper body strength but is also the optimumcore training method for getting healthy, lean, and beautifully toned arms.Using either your bodyweight or weights, start with five-pound dumbbells or a10-pound kettlebell, remembering at all times that proper form and bettercontrol are of the utmost importance. And, to avoid injuries, don't move up toweights that are heavier until you've gotten strong enough.

Here are just a few exercises to produce more musculararms for women:

1. Side Raises- Begin bystanding tall, knees bent slightly, and holding your dumbbells in each of yourhands while arms are hanging by your sides, palms facing inward. Keep elbowsslightly bent while raising your arms upward to the side until they are levelwith your shoulders, palms facing the floor: lower arms and complete between 8and 12 reps.

2. Biceps Curls- Start withstanding feet shoulder-width apart. Grab your dumbbell, having palms forward,and bending your elbow. Start pulling the weight upward towards your shoulder,then lower your arm. Do between 8 and 12 reps on each arm.

3. Dumbbell Row Core Move- Beginwith a dumbbell in your hand, and then, getting on one knee, put your otherhand on a bench. Keeping your back straight, elbow slightly bent, and palmfacing inward, tighten your abs, squeezing your shoulder blades together,lifting the weight until your upper arm is parallel to your floor with yourelbow slightly bent behind you. Return to your start position for finishing theset. Perform between 8 and 12 reps, then switching sides.

Strength-training three times weekly can produce resultsmarked by an increase in strength by approximately two weeks. And, you can seeyour arms getting more toned in about four weeks.