Semi-Private Training Session

Semi-private training sessions are two-person sessions geared for couples who want to improve their health and fitness as a team.

"Couples that train together, remain together."
-someone really smart said that
Please note - All in-person training sessions have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. While were in quarantine, take advantage of our free online home training resources on The Iron Forge!

You, them, and the gym

Spending quality time with the one you love is essential to a healthy relationship. We tailor our semi-private training sessions to couples who want to stay healthy together. Our team designs each course to provide a place for both to destress and re-energize!

woman holding weights

Quality bonding

Overcoming challenges as a couple strengthens the emotional bond between each other. Completing the workouts helps to deepen the level of trust and to become more in tune with one another.

We can come to you.

We are a mobile service allowing us to bring the workout to you. The sessions can be done on-location at your home, office, or hotel with a designated training area. Don't have equipment at home? No problem. We can bring equipment to you!

Don't take our word for it.

Hear what our clients have to say.

Heather Forsberg
Coach Reuben is terrific! I have been working with him for the past few months and won’t look back. He really pushes you to set new goals and helps you achieve them! I have never felt stronger.
Aug 01, 2018
Claudia Bazaar
I have been working with Coach Reuben exclusively for the last couple months! I love his knowledge and that he holds me accountable and pushed me outside of my comfort zone. He's a great mentor and trainer and always has a fun positive attitude. He shows you that your body can do anything, if you fuel and train it the right way! His passion shines through and it's way more than "just" work for him. He loves his job and his clients. Thank you for everything you do for us and continue to do!
Jul 29, 2018
Darla Donahue
Reuben is such an amazing coach. So much fun and really knows what he’s doing when it comes to personalizing your fitness plan to meet your needs/wants. I feel lucky to have found him and get to work with him in person and I plan on continuing my coaching online with him when I have to move. I recommend him all the time to friends and will continue to recomend him no matter where I go!
Jul 05, 2018
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Do I need to be in shape before starting?

No. Everyone starts someplace. The workouts will match your current ability. You will always be a part of the training development process.

Do I need to be medically cleared before starting a training program?

Yes, if you have recently undergone a medical procedure or have a preexisting condition, which could become worse starting a training program.

Do I need to have training equipment in my home or office?

No. We bring the equipment needed based on location and your goals. We can train you at your home, office, or hotel gym (some restrictions may apply).